Your 2017 Pharma Communications Digital Toolkit

Every time I pass my no-longer-newly painted spare bedroom, I think of the snafu that made the home décor job take much longer than it should have. My lack of preparation left me without the proper equipment to tackle the painting project, and reminded me of how critical it is to gather the right tools before attempting to pry open the can with a hairbrush.


Last year’s paint project face-palm inspired a blog post on the importance of stocking your pharmaceutical communications digital toolbox, where I covered a few solutions to help pharma PR pros with social listening, engaging through live video, and seamlessly distributing multimedia content.


But that was last year. And if there’s one thing we know about communications – especially in the life sciences space – it’s that technology changes almost overnight. It’s up to us to stay current by using the most innovative, ground-breaking solutions available. The platforms featured in my 2016 post are still relevant and useful, but there are a few that will make your 2017 digital toolbox more well-rounded.


Canva: This robust tool is loaded with features dedicated to helping you overcome two primary challenges in content marketing: 1) Producing compelling content; and, 2) Doing it consistently. Canva is tops among content creation platforms because you don’t need a tech or graphics arts background to become a master at a variety of content types. There are tons of templates for documents, ebooks, invitations, ads, and presentations that just beg to be shared. Or, create a custom project to align with your existing branding. Canva even includes templates that optimize your own uploaded images for each of the social platforms.


Snapchat: “Huh – are you kidding? Snapchat’s for kids, not pharma.” Hear me out…


First, what it is: Snapchat is a messaging app originally designed for users to share photos that would self-destruct within seconds after viewing. You don’t know this because you might be too old to be on it. After all, when was the last time you had the urge to take a selfie and add the “rainbow vomit” overlay to kick it up a notch?


Second, why you need it: Snapchat has evolved. It’s moved away from being a messaging app and is transitioning into a publishing platform for pharma brands to tell stories. It now incorporates video, and features more emojis, photo filters, geo-targeting filters, and text overlays to engage your target audience. Individual messages still evaporate after viewing, but you now have the option to curate live stories from your images; these last for 24 hours. Not just for kids anymore!


ISEBOX: Pharma marketers know all too well the obstacles of working with a content distribution platform made for any-or-all industries. They’re forced to adapt their workflows or pay for expensive customizations to align with the unique needs of pharma firms. Internally, life science professionals face complex approvals; externally, there’s enormous pressure to distribute multimedia content in a format that makes journalists and influencers happy – and they need to do it yesterday.


ISEBOX is a multimedia content storage and distribution platform that takes these challenges head-on. The solution was developed with the special needs of pharma and life science communications in mind, giving professionals full control over all aspects of product launches, communications, events, and intranets. ISEBOX is cloud-based, with a streamlined UI that enables you to get your awesome multimedia content into the hands of the right audience effortlessly. Even better, you’ll increase coverage because you’re distributing content via media kits and digital newsrooms that give the media a warm, fuzzy feeling.


Round out your pharma PR digital toolbox with one or more of these and you’ll be prepared for the next gen in pharma communications. Now, to decide on a paint color for the bathroom…

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