The Maturation of the Multimedia News Release: Growing Out of PR Newswire’s MultiVu


ISEBOX: Giving Control Back to the Customer

The responsibility of communications experts is relatively straightforward: tell a great story, and then get others to tell your story for you.  One of the most effective ways to tell our story is with imagery. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Have video? Even better! But, in some ways, this is where our challenges just begin.  Sharing files larger than 8mb (equivalent of 1 or 2 high resolution images) is almost impossible via email. Dropbox and YouSendit work well to share files and photos, but sending multiple large files to thousands of journalists and collecting analytics is not part of the package.

Historically, the leading solution to deliver multimedia content to journalists has been PR Newswire’s MultiVu.  They have been in business for more than 50 years, have the largest distribution and are a safe bet when you want to get your multimedia content out to the press. But, are they really the best solution?

Here are 6 considerations when considering whether ISEBOX or MultiVu for your campaign.

MNR, Multimedia news release from auto manufacturer, Citroen.

1) Technology: MultiVu’s multimedia news release technology is labor intensive, not technology driven. So, in the same way that early stage websites are built from scratch, MultiVu custom builds their landing pages. This means they are most likely labor intensive and each revision you make will cost you. ISEBOX, on the other hand, is a scalable technology that is quick and easy to create. In the media world, speed and agility are critical. ISEBOX will allow the customer to make simple edits and upload new content 24/7 without additional costs.  And if you need to add more content as the story changes? With ISEBOX, it’s no problem.

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2) Content restrictions. Your story may have many videos and a multitude of photos. MultiVu will restrict your multimedia content (often to one video and a finite number of images), which can only be downloaded in one format. If you need to distribute more, expect costs to ramp up significantly. ISEBOX, on the other hand, can stream and share unlimited videos to your story and will make them available in 3 formats (Original HD file, low Resolution mp4, and Flash FLV).Additionally, ISEBOX provides our customers with the ability to include embed video codes, audio and documents of any type in their multimedia news release.You should see the look on a journalist’s face when they can access they content they want, when they need it, in the format that is perfect for them.  

MNR Multimedia News Release MultiVu

3) Analytics. Page views, video views and social shares are great. But what if you knew which journalists downloaded your content? ISEBOX is the only solution that can provide this information and also let you know where your videos are being played and how many views you have.

4) Cost. MultiVu typically costs around $4,000. Expect charges for additional revisions.  For a single campaign, ISEBOX MultiWire is only $1800. ISEBOX cloud provides our customers 5 users, unlimited campaigns and up to 25GB of storage.

5) Service. ISEBOX will provide you with a single account executive and walk you through our dashboard, our support process and assure you that your account executive will always be available. Need help after hours for an upcoming campaign? We’ll be there. No charge.

6) Distribution. PR Newswire is one of the leading wire services globally. So, if you want to spray your content across the wire and have had good success receiving earned media coverage, or are a financial services company and are required legally to push your information over the wire, then MultiVu may be the optimal solution. However, if you want to distribute your content to thousands of targeted journalists with personalized messages, and post your content to social networks, then ISEBOX may be the best solution for your campaign.


To learn more about ISEBOX and how we can , contact us at joe.witte@isebox dot com.


Survey Results  Corporate Newsrooms Failing to Meet Journalists' Needs Click Here

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