Pharmaceutical Communications: Why Speed Matters

Pharmaceutical communications professionals are on a race against the clock and their competition when FDA approvals are issued. 

Oktavia is a PR Exec for a large pharmaceutical company. Oktavia and her team are anticipating approval from the FDA for their new drug. And in her vast experience with launching Pharma Campaigns, she knows that she has to maneuver her way through the carnival that is her “Launch Checklist”, as expediently as humanly possible.

At a lunch with her boss, Oktavia learns that in 2015, the FDA approved more than 45 new drugs. In 2014, that number was 41. These figures seemed like just an interesting factoid until she looked closer and realized that many of the approvals came from competing companies for the same condition.

You Are Not Alone (The Competition is at your Doorstep)

This scenario unfolded on two notable occasions in 2015.

1. Chronic Heart Failure:

a. April 15, 2015: Amgen’s Corlanor (ivabradine) for treatment of chronic heart failure.

b. July 7, 2015: Novartis’ Entresto (sacubitril and valsartan) for treatment of chronic heart failure.

2. HCV (Hepatitis C Virus):

a. July 24, 2015: Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Daklinza (daclatasvir) for treatment of chronic HCV genotype 3,

b. July 24, 2015: Abbvie’s Technivie (ombitasvir, paritaprevir and ritonavir) for treatment of chronic HCV genotype 4

Needless to say, Oktavia put the heat on her communications team to be ready to push out the story and get coverage the minute the FDA approves their drug. It was critical to beat the competition to the press. Billions of dollars are on the line. Time to get to work with everything from identifying and securing KOL’s (key opinion leaders), compiling data, generating the written and visual content, publishing disease awareness reports, and the list goes on and on.

Speed matters.

if you are a pharmaceutical communications professional, you know Oktavia’s task list all too well. But, the work doesn’t stop there. Your next challenge is organizing, navigating internal approvals and then distributing the content to the press and various thought leaders.

That sounds easy enough, but, when you have a multitude of internal stakeholders, dozens of large files (too big for email), hundreds of media contacts and thousands of readers, this portion of the “launch” can be daunting, and time consuming. Needless to say, selecting the right digital solution, whether it’s a traditional website, multimedia news release (MNR), content capsule or media center is extremely important.

Legacy Digital Distribution: Time Consuming and Costly

The integration of multimedia content (images, infographics, video, studies) has been a major boon to pharmaceutical media relation’s efforts. But, with all these various forms of media comes the challenge of digital publishing and delivering these massive files to the press. Traditionally, options have included either a website, or a multimedia news release (MNR). With a website you can present the content, but it usually can’t be downloaded and usually takes months to build, and typically has a hefty price tag. The other alternative, a pharmaceutical multimedia news release, provides decent download capabilities, but otherwise, it’s a one-time single page campaign. As a result, there are typically limited creative options, and there is a complete loss of control after the “push” occurs on the wire.

But now, there’s a new alternative that will combine the best of both worlds. ISEBOX has developed a cloud content management system (CMS) that enables pharmaceutical public relations teams to create either a microsite or full media center showcasing your multimedia content in ways that can be viewed and downloaded. You’ll always have access to the dashboard, as well as a personal account manager.

Saving Time with Digital Automation

Saving Time with Digital Automation

“We put a significant emphasis on easy to use automation and great service. As a result, we are able to surpass our clients’ expectations and deliver a fully branded media center in no time, loaded with all their content- ready to download,” says Joe Witte, VP of Business Development at ISEBOX. “It’s not uncommon for us to have a client track more than 1500 pieces of content that have been downloaded by various media outlets.”

Leading pharmaceutical enterprises including Actavis, Shire and Novartis have leveraged ISEBOX to significantly reduce time in the build, approval and distribution of content. Here are some examples:

  • A mobile responsive microsite can be created in 24 hours that will showcase all your text and multimedia content, such as HD videos, high-res images, and PDF’s.
  • A full media center can be launched in a weeks.
  • Internal approvals of your digital platform fly by with our “password protect” feature and a dashboard that allows you to make changes on the fly.
  • Ready to launch? Click a button. Need to retract? Click a button.
  • All your content is viewable and downloadable in one location for easy access by your audience.
  • Track analytics anytime, including HOW MUCH of your content has been downloaded and by WHOM.

Very cool, very fast – especially for high-pressure life science communications professionals, where FDA approvals put you neck and neck with your competition. Speed Matters.

Julie K. Jeffords specializes in content marketing and communications, with a focus on the solutions that help PR professionals create, distribute and promote their stories. ISEBOX’s innovative tools for developing electronic press kits enables PR specialists to leverage content and gain expanded coverage for their campaigns. To learn more, please contact us at or call us at (888) ISE-7275.


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