Mayo Clinic Efficiency: What I Learned About Workflow From Having Cancer

Workflow. It can make or break your day, your efficiency, and your ability to perform your job tasks. It influences your time, your attitude, even how others perceive you. A good workflow makes things easy breezy. It’s a formula of awesome that allows you to complete the task at hand with efficiency, almost on auto-pilot,  and move on to other tasks. A bad workflow can make the simplest of tasks appear overwhelming and much harder than they have to be.



Back in 2009, I had cancer. Ovarian and Cervical. A double winner. Which led me to make the 10 hour drive from Michigan to the world famous Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  

When I walked in that morning there were a good 600 people waiting in line to have bloodwork done and get started with their itineraries that they had travelled from all areas of the globe to attend. 

I stared at the crowd with a cranky look on my face thinking “Oh my God, this is going to take years just for bloodwork.”

I should have had a better attitude walking in there, in retrospect. What I would see that day would forever inspire me as a human being, push me to do better and be better and it showed me the importance of a good workflow.

 Those 600 people waiting on the phlebotomy department to take their blood, label it, process it and get the results sent to the right people were processed in the span of about 20 minutes.  Think about that. Twenty minutes in a sea of 600 waiting patients. 

From there we were each given an itinerary for our day, organized by location for who we would see, a map to get there, and what to expect in each area. There was a print out in our neat little folder with a starting point on the map as a reference point, led you through each appointment with each specialist, and even suggested when a good time for lunch would be, where we could have lunch, and suggestions on what was delicious. There were way points where we could stop and ask questions, study the art in the buildings, and guides located throughout the entire campus just in case we needed something.

I left the Mayo Clinic in 2009 in remission, and have remained in remission since. Cancer sucks. There’s no shiny, silver lining in cancer. But for me, I took one away. The Mayo Clinic inspired me to seek that better way for work flow in my home life, my work life and to try to instill that type of efficiency into my children’s lives as well.

Fast forward to me coming to work for ISEBOX, and it was a match made in Heaven.

ISEBOX is workflow. 

Imagine having the efficiency offered by the Mayo clinic applied to your job. That’s what ISEBOX does for any type of media storage and distribution.

One of our clients, a news agency has large video files submitted to them all day, every day by journalists all over the world.  The challenge was getting those files up to the cloud, organized by day and laid out in a way that the producers were able to quickly locate, view, edit, approve, distribute and then measure the performance of the video news files.

The old workflow was disjointed, inefficient and ended up being a full time job just to manage these files.

Enter ISEBOX.  Using our Filedrop system, the journalists from all over the globe are able to upload their files to a central location without having to login to anything. The Admin team gets a notification that the videos have arrived and simply assign it to the day’s Content Page. The producers are able to go to a front facing password protected web page, view the day’s media, download it and use it for broadcast. And the admin team is able to measure the performance of the media. All while safely and securely storing every day’s media for use later.

Are you in need of some workflow first aid for your media? I bet ISEBOX can help. And remember the Mayo Clinic Way Stations where I could talk to a human being and get help along the way? For ISEBOX, that’s me. I get to be that for you.

Why don’t we discuss how I can make your life easier? Sign up for a new Free Trial Account today.



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