Choosing a Content Management Platform for Broadcast…Easy as 1, 2, 3

Broadcasters produce stories via a highly specialized workflow, but that doesn’t mean you have an unlimited budget to invest in content solutions. The smart money’s on multi-purpose platforms that tackle the numerous tasks involved with creating, sharing, and distributing fantastic multimedia content – which crosses many different desks through the process, including reporters in the field, admins, and producers. Plus, you need the ability to analyze the results of your campaigns and archive content in various formats.


Where do you begin?


Well, if you’re a broadcaster currently looking to invest in or replace a content management and distribution system, you consider these three points to find the right fit at the outset:


  1. Workflow Efficiency: Time is money. Wasting either is unacceptable. With your team spread out across the US – or, even more likely, the globe – your platform must streamline the process from gathering the story to creating the accompanying content to distribution.


In an ideal world, your workflow would be:


  • Your reporters in the field can upload entire broadcast packages to a centralized content filedrop, including images, video, sound bytes, and text.
  • Admins access the filedrop and review the packages, then, move them into the day’s content page;
  • Producers peruse the content page and view all available media
  • Producers identify which packages they want to use on the site for that day and download the content they need.; and then,
  • Click to publish.


A platform that interferes with any stage of this smooth workflow saps productivity and undermines efficiency. Scratch if off the list.


  1. Ease of Use: One of the biggest challenges for broadcasting teams is finding an intuitive platform that helps them do their jobs instead of getting in the way. Your workflow is shared across several departments, with team members wearing different hats and interacting with content in various ways. A solution must be easy to use across all of the functions you intend it to perform, with fast onboarding and training to avoid hiccups in the upswing.


If it’s not, efficiency suffers (see #1 above), as stakeholders attempt crude work-arounds to make the technology fit their task. In a worst-case scenario, you have to invest in additional platforms to address the needs of different departments – and ROI takes a hit (see #3below).


  1. ROI: Any investment in technology must be able to deliver tangible ROI for the powers-that-be. And guess what: Some sources say that ROI is the Number One goal for broadcasters, in the face of the rising cost of creating content. Data is at the forefront when measuring performance, i.e., coverage – so your content management and distribution platform must include the same efficient, easy to use tools you rely on for other aspects of campaigns.


Broadcasters must have their thumbs on the pulse of critical metrics and reporting features to assess coverage as it happens. Whether you’re seeking impressions, responses, shares, or sentiment, these interactions need to translate into a dollar amount that makes the CFO happy.



Can one content and distribution management system deliver on these three essential points – along with customization features that adapt to the broadcaster’s unique workflow?


ISEBOX is the solution that streamlines every interaction task that occurs between your multimedia content and your team before your story hits the wire. It’s easy to use after minimal training, but expert support is available 24x7 if you do run into an issue.


If you want to hear more about ISEBOX and our solutions for broadcasters, please contact us at

+1 888.473.7275 in the US OR +44 (0) 203.318.4578 in the UK and Europe. You can also visit us online for more information on how we’re helping companies across all industries handle promotional material and media,


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