Top 3 Questions Healthcare Comms Should Be Asking Themselves Every Week

It’s a new week again: Do you know where this week’s pharma marketing campaigns are?

If the question leads to a blank stare, you need to hold all calls, close the door to your office, and hunker down. You’ve got some work to do. But that’s not you. You’re a savvy, skilled, energetic pharma marketer engrossed in all aspects of your campaigns…every day. Right?


Well, chances are you fall somewhere in between the vacant gaze and the perfect, perky healthcare PR executive. You’ve got a decent grasp on the goals you want to achieve this week and already laid the foundation for some of your efforts, but there’s something lacking. Maybe you’re disappointed when you view key metrics or aren’t feeling the love from your followers. Perhaps you only got a few conversions to download that awesome whitepaper and your only likes on social media are from your mom.


If this is you, it’s time to improve your game. As you sit down at your desk next Monday, go through these Top 3 questions that successful pharma marketing pros ask themselves every week. And go.


  1. What’s happening this week that means something to journalists/patients/healthcare professionals?

There’s always a holiday, results from a pioneering study, special occasion, conference, product launch, or other type of event that’s interesting to your target audience and significant in some way. It’s up to you to find out what it is and tailor your messaging to put this information at center stage. Envision yourself as the source that disseminates this groundbreaking news that matters to healthcare professionals, journalists, and consumers.


A helpful tool for keeping a thumb on the pulse of topics that matter to your audience: Google Alerts. Just add a few key terms and set up how often you want to receive notifications. The platform crawls the web searching for news articles containing your key terms, then aggregates the headlines into an email message. Of course, you should also be subscribing to pertinent pharma industry publications for the latest news as well.


  1. How can I make sure my community sees this critical info?


Your audience will only see your content if you distribute it through the right channels, i.e., the places where they’re hanging out and are receptive to your messages. Multichannel marketing (MCM) gives you an almost infinite number of options to reach your community – but the more choices you have, the more difficult it is to choose among them. Proper distribution requires you to pin point the channels that will work best, which starts with identifying your objectives with the content. Are you trying to drive traffic to your site? Do you want to develop brand awareness – or enhance brand loyalty? Will you seek to generate more qualified leads or improve customer retention? Answer these questions about your objective and you’ll be able to identify the best channel.


For instance, SEO is best to attract new visitors: 54% of people find websites through organic search. If you want to maximize conversions, go for email. You’re six times more likely to get a click-through through an email message than a social media post.


  1. Which metrics will deliver the details I need for success this week?


As a pharma marketer, your efforts should be driven by efficiency. Any endeavor that contravenes efficiency will have negative implications for other core components of your campaigns. Fortunately, you have analytics tools to help you identify inefficiency and adjust. Some metrics to keep an eye on:


  • Total Visits: While most visitors will come through your home page, you should also measure how many visitors arrive via a landing page or digital ad. This metric gives you the bird’s eye view of how well you’re driving traffic. Ideally, this should go up every week.
  • New or Unique Visitors: You want to know who is paying you a visit for the first time, as compared to those who make up recurring traffic. Metrics that separate out the new from repeat visitors will tell you how sticky your site is for the ones who return, and how well you’re reaching members of your target audience.
  • Channel Specific Traffic: This metric tells you where your traffic is coming from, so you can establish which channels are doing well – and which need a boost. Watch for traffic that comes directly to your site, as compared to referrals from other sites, organic search, and from social media.


Answer these questions at the outset and you’ll have a strategy for the week that lies ahead. You hit the ground running on Monday, kicking off the week with enthusiasm! And coffee…lots of coffee...


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