Mailchimp and ISEBOX, Sitting In a Tree...

K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Just kidding. Software doesn't make out. But we do have a very meaningful relationship with benefits to you...


You love Mailchimp. So do we. And that’s why we created an ISEBOX to Mailchimp integration that allows you to take your ISEBOX Content Page and distribute it in all its beautiful perfection using Mailchimp’s mail distribution platform.

It’s super simple to use. Simply login to your Mailchimp account, and login to your ISEBOX account. Visit your MailOut tab, create the MailOut choosing the ISEBOX Content Page of your choice, and then click the “Create Mailchimp Draft” button.  That’s it! That’s all you have to do! The Content Page Mailout draft will then be available in your Mailchimp account, and you can then send it to your distribution list there on Mailchimp. Here is our step-by-step.

Don’t have a Mailchimp account? No worries there since they have a pretty spectacular free package so you can try it out. Visit this link to learn about the free platform Mailchimp offers. 2k subscribers and up to 12k emails a month, and that’s pretty spiffy for a nice distribution platform. All for free with our partnership!

Did we mention the list management tools and ability to mass distribute content over there?  Need more than the generous 12k emails/mo that the free package offers? Scroll down that same page to learn about the other packages Mailchimp has just for you.  They’re all very reasonably priced, and it’s a fantastic tool. It makes it pretty easy-peasy to manage all your mailing metrics, unsubscribes and distribution lists in one place. We do love efficiency.

Want to try it out? Contact us at and we’ll be happy to show you around and give you a demonstration for how to use it!

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