Change is On Its Way

ISEBOX is getting all dressed up. Take a look at some of the changes we have in store.

Change can be really, really good. It signifies growth and knowledge. Building on lessons learned and forging the way to bigger, more exciting and more important things. It shows the maturity of experience gained and using that experience to create a path that is beneficial for all.


It is with that spirit that we are excited to announce the upcoming rebranding of ISEBOX.



What our new logo stands for:
The Arrows signify movement. ISEBOX was built on the premise of being able to upload any type of content, and distribute it with any audience on any device. This requires a constant movement of data and files.

The Cube connects to the “BOX” in ISEBOX. Having all of your content in one place. This means having complete control. Immediate access. And efficient workflows.

The Transparency is something our users have come to depend on. This means knowing who is downloading your content, when, where, and how it is being used. Our reporting and analytics will continue to evolve to support this.

The Teal is calming. When you work with ISEBOX we want you to feel confident that not only do you have a great platform that is dependable, but also a team that is supporting your goals and objectives.


Over the next quarter you’ll begin to see our website take shape around our new brand standards and direction. We think you’ll like what’s coming. A new dashboard. A new site. New analytics and reports.

The best news though? Our world class support to walk with you each and every step of the way hasn’t changed a bit. And, we don’t expect it ever will. We will communicate these changes as they arrive and will make every effort to ensure you’re comfortable with the new ISEBOX on an even more intuitive, familiar level.

Webinar with Peter Shankman Stream and Download Here

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