5 Ways For You To Excel In Marketing/PR Today

Here's a few tricks to make your job in marketing just a little easier...

I don’t know about you, but my day moves so incredibly fast that sometimes I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.

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Deadlines creep up on me faster than I like to admit,and it’s easy to get caught up in the sweep of going with the path of least resistance to get things out the door and checked off my mile-long to-do list.

But, I don’t want to do the bare minimum. I want to excel. I want to be the thought leader at my company in better PR and Marketing. And to do that, I decided I needed to see what everyone else was doing, and step up my game.

So in the spirit of helping everyone succeed, here’s what I learned in my quest to become better at PR and Marketing.



Spray and Pray Does Not Pay

When it comes to content distribution, it’s truly better to curate 50 good places for your content to go than paying for a list of 10k names and hoping for the best. Instead, research your demographic, and find out who the key players are in that demographic. Instead of just sending out a mass email to these folks,

  • latest-researchtake the time to reach out individually, with a personalized email or call that lets them know what you’re doing, and why you think it might be in their lane to feature or write about.You might get lucky with your 10k deep distribution list and find people who will appreciate your content or product – so I’m not saying don’t ever use a huge distribution list, I’m just saying you’re probably going to get more bang for your buck if you think through who you want to target specifically, and why you want to target them.

Find an angle.

When you write your content, find an angle that reaches into the target demographics’ human experience. Focus on the people, not the product or service. What is the human experience goingcreative to be like when they use your product or service or read your content? What deep core need are you fulfilling with your stuff?

Example: For the title of this article I chose “5 Ways For You to Excel in Marketing/PR Today”

I did NOT use: “Itemized list features numerous areas in which to improve PR and Marketing efforts”

As Finch Sells says in this 2012 article, appeal to one of the 8 areas of a person’s life they’re looking to improve. For the title of this one, I chose #6 on his list, “To be superior, to keep winning, keeping up with the Jones.”

Somewhere in this article you’re going to find information on the company I work for, ISEBOX. But you all don’t care about that unless I can somehow paint you a vividly drawn picture that displays you using our products and services to make your life easier. (Let me know how I did on that in the comments. :) )

Talk/Write like a real live human.

No one likes reading business journals, and white papers are not fun. If you learn anything from it, it’s a miraclehumanity-t2because to gleam information from anything when your eyes have glazed over is nearly impossible. This goes for every type of business from blogs to Pharma.   The people you’re trying to appeal to with your content are in fact humans (unless pygmy goats have recently been able to command a mouse or cats have recently learned to read). Over the past several years, a shift has happened in how we choose our words in literally all business communication. If you’re not on this train to happy town, there’s still time to get on board. In Melanie Davis’s article, How to Talk Like a Human And Why It Matters she gives a perfect example of hard-to-decode insurance language, and the translation. ALWAYS go with the translation. You don’t want people to have to spend energy trying to figure out what you’re trying to say, sell or do. Just talk to them. Whitepapers (and their language types) are so 2003.

Conversational Marketing.

Speaking of humans, let’s talk about the social media aspect of your marketing efforts. When it’smarketing-conversation time to post out to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest (you are posting to those regularly, right?) try to remember that an actual human is on the other end of the computer ready to either interact and comment on your post, or scroll on by with the flick of their thumb.

What makes you interact with posts on Social Media? Is it the humor? The thought of learning something? The appreciation for the post? Those things are the same things that makes everyone else comment and share too. So when you write your content for social, think to yourself objectively, “Click or scroll. What would I do if I happened across this in my feed?” If the answer is “scroll”, back to the drawing board you go to tweak it until the answer is “click”. The key here is conversational marketing. Talk TO people, not AT people. Participate in their lives, and you'll be rewarded (sometimes) when they participate in what you have to offer.

Make your house a home.

When you’re blessed with someone’s click thru, where are they landing? The answer should be that they’re landing at your well-written and well-designed website that includes a call to action front and center with plenty of images, video, audio and documents to keep them well engaged. The multimedia should all be in whatever format that the person viewing it might need/want.

pg-imageThe call to action should be front and center. You want them to share? Provide a button to share, and ask them to share. You want them to donate? Provide a button to donate, and ask them to donate. Want them to write about it? Provide the information necessary and downloadable media that they can use on their own publications.

Not everyone has the budget to have a professional website designed and executed. And even if you do have a website, chances are you can’t offer everything you have (think blog, social, content, Youtube, etc.) in one gorgeous, easy to use place. Luckily for you, that company I work for, ISEBOX has solutions that make all of this super simple to use, affordable and crazy easy to distribute. If you’re interested in a demo, let us know and we’ll give you the grand tour so you can kick the proverbial tires.


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