5 Things You Need To Help a Journalist Out

The 2016 Journalist Sruvey is out and it was pretty enlightening...


When you need coverage for your product launches, service offerings and news for your company, it’s pretty important to make the journalist’s job as easy as possible to write your news story. That’s why we recently conducted a major survey with journalists to see what it is that irks them most about corporate newsrooms. And, the findings aren’t good.

Read the results for yourself in this handy infographic - but suffice to say, having a newsroom for your company has never been more important in a crowded content world.

Here’s the 5 Things You Need To Do To Help A Journalist Out in getting your story out there:

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1) Have a Newsroom

What IS a newsroom? It’s a place that houses your downloadable media, your media kit, your social feeds, your contact
information and your press releases all in one handy spot so a journalist doesn’t have to go to several places trying to piece together your story. 95% of journalists said they seek out and visit a website’s corporate newsroom at least once   a month (and over 70% aren’t happy with what they find).

Not only does it make it easier for the journalists to find the information necessary to report, but it makes it easier for your potential clients and customers to do their due diligence in researching your company for purchasing decisions. It’s a no brainer.

2) Keep Your Media Contacts Updated
We get it. It gets busy, and while juggling a thousand tasks in a work week, updating text on the website is like a pebble falling through the cracks. But, 90% of journalists said that they need to have the media contacts updated with correct, easy to find information with names and phone numbers of the relevant parties for them to be able to write your story efficiently. So, honestly – spend  the two minutes it takes and update your media contacts in your newsroom as soon as you make a staffing change.

3) Multimedia should be download-able

No one wants to scour the internet for usable images for a company they’re trying to write about. It’s a no-win situation for both the company and the journalist. In order to present the best story for the journalist, companies need to provide great quality, easily  downloadable multimedia in the form of Images, Video, Documents and Audio right there in the newsroom or media center.  Companies benefit because they retain  control over what’s released, and  journalists benefit from having great quality content at-the-ready.  69% of Journalists surveyed said that having access to corporate multimedia content is a must-have for their stories.

4) Keep your News Stories Current

It seems like a surprise in this cutting edge world of PR that Corporations wouldn’t keep the news available on their website up to date, but a whopping 53% of Journalists surveyed said that old information is a problem in their quest to write. It’s important to get the press releases out, but it’s equally important to retain them and keep them in your newsroom so that you have all information in one place.

5) Make it Searchable

When presenting your assets for use in the newsroom on your website,  it’s vital to have a robust search feature so that Journalists don’t have to dig to come up with the gold nuggets they want to write about.

Global search engines like Google usually hit the bullseye – but how many times have internal search tools launched you on a wild goosechase away from your intended target? 55% of journalists polled said that search tools rank first on their necessities list in your newsroom.


What’s the fastest, most convenient way to put a newsroom together?

Simply put, ISEBOX is. ISEBOX offers a fully adaptable Media Center (Press Center, Newsroom, etc.) solution that incorporates all of the journalists gripes into one easy, affordable solution. Not only can it house all of your multimedia, press releases a, content distribution and social feeds, but it’s all available in a beautiful, customizable presentation that can be ready to integrate into your own website navigation in as little as a week.

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